Welcome Baptist Church

Pastor of Youth and Children

Job Description


OBJECTIVE:  To develop and lead a comprehensive ministry that evangelizes and disciples children and youth (K-12th grade). 

Ministerial Duties

Plan, organize, lead, and evaluate various youth/children ministry areas, events, and outings to include but not limited to:

              1. Bible Study                             2. Conferences

             3. Recreational events              4.  Visitation

             5. Fellowship                               6. Witness opportunities

             7. Camps                                      8. Discipleship training

Direct/Oversee ministries of:

             1. Vacation Bible School           3.  Good News Club

             2. Mid-week Children’s Program    4.  Children’s Church

Oversee the Sunday School program for the youth and children departments.

              1.       Be highly visible and strongly involved each Sunday.

              2.      Work closely with Sunday School Directors in filling teaching positions and in matters of administration.

              3.      Provide training for Sunday School teachers.

·         Develop and lead Wednesday night youth Bible Study.

·         Enlist and train all volunteer youth and children workers.

·         Provide inreach to youth/children to establish and build relationships through social media, phone calls, campus contacts,

          sporting events, etc. 

·         Minister/counsel youth, children, and their families during times of difficulty (sickness, death, etc.) and during times of

          celebration (graduations, etc.)

·          Develop and lead an outreach program to reach youth, children, and their families in the community.

·         Participate in church-wide outreach initiatives.

Administrative Duties

·         Develop a master calendar of youth/children activities.

·         Inform the church of youth/children activities.

·         Annually prepare, submit, administer, and monitor a yearly budget for ministries including but not limited to:

          1.       Youth Ministry                            4.  Good News Club

          2.      Children’s Ministry                       5.  Children’s Church

          3.      Mid-week Children’s Program     6.  Vacation Bible School

·         Adhere to church approved guidelines as set forth in the Welcome Baptist Church Policies and Procedures manual.

·         In accordance with church policies and procedures,

          1.       Complete and maintain background checks on youth and children workers.

          2.      Coordinate bus/van routes and provide adult riders for supervision of youth/children.

         3.      Work with appropriate church committees in the planning and execution of activities and events.

         4.      Maintain records/files of information, permission, medical, and transportation forms for youth/children involved in activities                      inside and outside the church setting.

         5.      Ensure that all youth/children workers are trained, understand, and adhere to Prevention of Child and Youth Abuse Policies.

         6.      Enforce guidelines and rules in the Youth/Children Discipline Policy.

         7.      Complete training required to drive church van.  Strongly encouraged to complete training required to drive church bus.


 Job Requirements:

·         The Pastor of Youth and Children reports to and is supervised by the Senior Pastor.

·         Work in close relationship with the Senior Pastor and other staff members in promoting the entire ministry plan of Welcome                       Baptist Church, and in all areas of responsibility, accepting other tasks, special ministry needs, and assignments as needed.

·         Work a minimum of 40 hours/week as stated in the personnel handbook.

·         Maintain scheduled, but flexible, hours to conduct ministerial and administrative duties.

·         Attend weekly staff meetings.

·         Utilize the services of the administrative and facilities staff consistent with their position descriptions.

·         Attend approved conferences or seminars beneficial to the student ministry of the church.


Revised August 7, 2017